Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"A" Worship In A "B" Body

Found this on the net today. I was amazed (yet again) at how well someone else has captured my thoughts. Parts IV and V are especially golden.

I know its a long read, but I think its worth it. In regards to the church's current view of worship - from the leader's perspective - its a great article.


scott said...

Sorry I buried your posts! We must have been writing at the same time!

Interesting article... and I can definitely see why you'd find it worth reading. Some things that stuck out:

Did I enter the service with expectations, criticism, or demands in my heart? Did I take an opportunity to confess my sin before God and ask for forgiveness? Did I come more today to get or to give?

These are all questions I should be asking myself every week.

There are some weekends where the service is so complicated with personal mixes, music, and seamless transitions that I show up hoping that the sound equipment just stopped working overnight, or that a water main broke and we are going to have to hold church outside in the parking lot. I’ve been to services like that before; those are the ones you do not soon forget. There is a greater sense of mystery and anticipation present, if only in my heart.

I truly think God is happy to see some of these things go wrong... For a variety of reasons.

void77 said...

The second paragraph is what captured me, if only because we've experienced something like that recently. Problem is, even when something radical happens -like a water main break or loss of power - we find ourselves scrambling to make it all "right" again. Rather than view the "problem" as an "opportunity" (how's that for corporate lingo!), we put all our effort/energy into duplicating as close as possible our "expected" and "planned" experience.