Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Vodcast that will knock the Devil's Socks Off!

I hate to be the bearer of incredible news...but it is now out. The vodcast that changes lives on a daily basis! The vodcast about which
Time magazine writes, "A masterpiece, it should be on display in cultural centers everywhere!" Newsweek, "Vodcasting has now been redefined thanks to the Darin Hansen Show!"
Ladies' Home Journal, "Sexy! 50 ways to say I love the Darin Hansen Show!"
National Enquirer, "Boy turns into a bat thus beginning Armageddon - and the Darin Hansen show is incredible!"
Sesame Street Magazine, "V stands for Vodcast and D stands for Darin, daring and delectable!"

soon to be on ITunes
but right now you can watch by going to my blog and clicking the link
or just click here

Thursday, September 27, 2007

mission shaped podcast

Got 30 minutes? This is a neat interview with a layman dude who is spearheading a "Missional Movement" in Lincolnshire UK. Remember my hare brained Block Parties idea? Holy cow, wait til you hear this guy about what they are doing over there. This model was made for the burbs. They call it planting "mission shaped churches."

Worship Evangelism: The Ghost of Churches Past?

This is a must read. Powerful, insightful...and pretty long. But if you only read one article this month, make it this one.

Hey, if you find it important, invite your comrades here to hash it over.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Opinions of Christianity on the decline among younger generations. Wow, who'd have thought it? 91% negative is a pretty cold slap.

Funny, I believe these numbers are accurate, but I don't believe the picture is clear. I tend to think that young folks are far less inhibited about expressing a negative opinion about Christianity than they once were. I do not take that as hostility.

Should I?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

controversies versus unity, my penance

Yesterday Darin and I were having a discussion of a philosophical, nonbiblical proof for God's existence offered by St Anselm. Unfortunately, we were doing it across the length of a table full of 7 dining companions. It seemed rather silly in that setting, although it was very mentally challenging (and therefore fun.)

Speaking of silly, I can manage to take almost any conversation down that path, most recently forcing the tragic resignation of the beloved Robotface Shumway from Scott's last blog thread. Mea culpa.

As a penance, let me propose a certain reading of Eph 4 that has grabbed me. No, it is not from NT Wright, just li'l ol' me. :-)

We usually think of this passage as being "about ministers." But the whole of Ch 4 is about the unity of the body, and v11 is just one component (and notably, one that does not make the list of "seven unities" in vss 4-6.)

v11: there are these "gift-people" (apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher);
v12: their purpose is to promote works of service for the building up of the body;
v13: the twin-goal of which is UNITY in the faith-knowlege of Jesus;
v13: which equals attaining the fullness of Christ, maturity;
v14: THEN (when in unity) we will be resistant to deception and deceivers;
v15: and, thru increasing love we will be truly in his body;
v16: and the Body will truly work, manifesting the reality of God in the world;
v17-32: therefore, DO unity as follows...(maintain the bond of peace, v3)

Most of my bickering is on this one point: the church is too intent on defending God by enforcing doctrinal rectitude. I think Jesus presents a different picture of evangelism. I do not believe the Bible (nor common experience)teaches us that people come to faith by being logically cornered, nor do they abandon God because someone makes a more compelling argument. This view ignores the work of the Spirit and the witness of love.

Am I just rotten on this, or do I have a worthwhile point?

Oh, and sorry for being a jackass. Conversation just excites me.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Emerging Blog Posts

No one else seems to be posting, and we can't let this site lie stagnant for that long. Time for me to step up to the plate.

Sadly, I don't have much to say, but the Emerging Church discussion (conversation!) is always a good one. I found some interesting articles here...

I haven't read very many yet, but they may be worth a look.

While I find some aspects of the "Emerging Church" interesting, I don't completely identify with them. And that's mostly because 90% of what you read about the Emerging Church really doesn't state any real beliefs, like an actual denomination. They just say they are current! and postmodern! and they engage in conversation! Yeah, okay, that's nice, but what does any of that mean?

I think our society just likes labels too much, honestly. Label something enough, and it becomes institutionalized, just like the very thing that I'm trying to avoid.