Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Vodcast that will knock the Devil's Socks Off!

I hate to be the bearer of incredible news...but it is now out. The vodcast that changes lives on a daily basis! The vodcast about which
Time magazine writes, "A masterpiece, it should be on display in cultural centers everywhere!" Newsweek, "Vodcasting has now been redefined thanks to the Darin Hansen Show!"
Ladies' Home Journal, "Sexy! 50 ways to say I love the Darin Hansen Show!"
National Enquirer, "Boy turns into a bat thus beginning Armageddon - and the Darin Hansen show is incredible!"
Sesame Street Magazine, "V stands for Vodcast and D stands for Darin, daring and delectable!"

soon to be on ITunes
but right now you can watch by going to my blog and clicking the link
or just click here


void77 said...

Excellent! Funny stuff !!

I was a little disappointed though, when you didn't cut to a shot of Rob doing some housecleaning at Soeb's, all dressed in a French maid costume. When he walked off to go "get the dry-cleaning," the dialog really seemed to be going there. Oh well, still a good 30 minutes of my day!

brian said...

The European edition of Time magazine panned it. Called it a "self-absorbed glorification of the flesh in the manner that only Americans can muster."

Of course, Time´s European edition hates Americans, so take it with a grain of salt.

;) J/K