Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Spoiled, But Still the Bride of Christ

You probably won´t care much for this post, but I feel it expedient to get it off my chest.

The last 4 months have been the most eye-opening and humbling period of my life since, oh, I don´t know, Junior High.

Spiritually speaking, anyway.

I´ve been on my own journey on the purpose of the church after years of railing about the deficiencies of the Body. I´ve been sourrounded by a worship experience that most of us would dismiss as "devoid of excellence" and "irrelevant to the seeker." The PowerPoint, when it has the correct words, isn´t color-coordinated to match the pews or carpet. The "sound system" is less than pristine. In fact, most of the time, the sound that it emits is unintelligible to my tired ears. The worship services are far longer than the 1:10 limit that we Americans say are more than sufficient. And the worship facility? Don´t plan on cushy pews with lush carpet. It´s plastic chairs and cold marble. In fact, the picture that I attached is First Christian Church of Valencia.

Impressive, isn´t it? To me, it´s absolutely delightful. In 4 months, I´ve started understanding what Christian love really is. It´s not bound to the Sunday worship hour. It´s the pastor calling, asking "how´s it going?" It´s brothers and sisters volunteering to drive to your town at $6.50 per gallon for gas, for the opportunity to pass out publicity in steaming hot weather for your new business. It´s inviting those less fortunate than you to your home for a hot meal.


Let´s face it: we´re really, really spoiled in the US. We have privilege, resources, and facilities that most Christians around the world will NEVER have.

So, next time you complain that the church isn´t "meeting your needs," I ask you, how are you meeting the needs of the church?


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scott said...

Amen, again. But come now... Why do you think we probably wouldn't care much for this post? This is just the kind of thing we LOVE around here. Ecclesiology talk from a brother that's moved across an ocean for it!

It also blesses me when I think about the brothers and sisters I have around here, as I know they would do a lot of that stuff for me if I asked. Of course, the main point is that most of that stuff doesn't happen on Sunday mornings.

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Macca said...

Well, I was going to be more inflammatory in that "Jaded American" vein, but backed off! ;)

Joe B said...

So, you thought you out-jade the jademaisters didja?

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That´s definitely the jaded-joe-eye that I´ve come to know and love!

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want some visine Joe? or maybe some in your coffee?