Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Church Model

Since this is originally a blog on Church models, growth, etc., I figured I'd throw this out as a valid design which we should all consider.

I present to you, the Church of the Jedi .



scott said...

I'd say their theology is probably deeper than some denominations... Unitarian Universalist comes to mind.

I would think that Internet/D&D/Star Wars/Star Trek/etc geeks often have the kinds of tendencies and abilities that are perfect for gathering and starting communities (even if they are online), which is exactly what is, essentially, a "church plant."

Macca said...

And somewhere on a ranch in secluded Montana, George Lucas rolls his eyes and mutters to himself.

Joe B said...

You know, Scott, you're right about the geek community. What a great observation. What is it about them that makes them so? Is it something you can identify in other groups?

Macca said...

Speaking as a fellow geek, we tend to band together because, since we hold an unhealthy fixation for the fantasy world, we get rejected quite often. So, the obsessive tend to congregate, since the rest of the world doesn't understand us. Eric's observation is astute. It sounds an awful lot like the Church.

Tony Myles said...

The force is strong in that one.