Thursday, April 17, 2008

We Eat These Chicken Wings in Remembrance of You

Our discussions of prayer and creationism have slowly moved into some dialogue on communion. What is communion? Why do we do it the way we do? What does the scripture really say, and is some of it misunderstood? And what about the Catholic "method of communion" -- do they have some aspects more "right" than many Protestants?

On one end of the spectrum, you have people taking a sacrament (a sip of juice/wine and a little cracker) as a means of individual reflection, and remembering Christ's death. On the other end of the spectrum, you might have a group of people having a communal meal together, fellowshiping around the table, in a sports' bar or wherever... and remembering Christ's death.

What "makes" something communion? Why do we do it with wine or grape juice, other than the fact that it's what Jesus did? Could we remember the death and resurrection of Jesus with any food that we're eating around a table?


Mr. E said...

Good Question! I'll have to think about this for while.

In the meantime, have you guys, blogged about the so-called "Church of Oprah"? I have several links on my latest blog about it, in case you want to read up on it.

Let me know if you post something about it, or let me know what you think on my blog.

Joe B said...

I think that the supper itself is the most essential thing, not the elements. But I still think the elements are important. To intentionally observe the Lord's Supper I think the appropriate thing is to approximate the elements Jesus chose. To do otherwise would be like giving Mom a mop for her birthday -- a mop is a good gift, it's just not an appropriate one. I think that observing the Lord's communion with buffalo wings is valid, about like drinking a toast to Jesus and singing "for he's a jolly good fellow": what could ever be wrong about pausing to remember Jesus together? But to deliberately plan worship that way is to pull unneccessarily away from Jesus' imagery. So why pull away?

Mr. E said...

I agree with Joe B for once. I think his comments are right on the money!

Big Doofus said...

Just give it time, Mr. E. You'll end up disagreeing with him. I know I always do. :)

But seriously, I agree with Joe here as well. Recently I had the privilege of bringing communion to a few of our shut-ins and by the fourth time that I had taken communion that day (good thing it was just grape juice) I was really reflecting on what it's all about. One of our elders pointed out that the word used for "remembrance" when we talk about communion is also used to refer to remembering someone with affection--like a very special loved one. I think this can be reflected in how we go about "doing" communion. Put some thought into it. Try to be authentic and sincere. But by all means, if all you have is a jar of jelly and some Wonder bread, go ahead and have communion.