Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Monday Night Starbucks Should be Globally Mandatory

Man...I miss Monday nights.  There are plenty of Starbucks around here just outside Atlanta that is for sure - but only one Java Jesus group.  Maybe it needs to franchise...we need to incorporate and start opening branches.  
I'm starting my blog back up but a little at a time I guess. Pathetic Rambling is what I'm using.  
The kick I have been on - 
why do we teach people to "witness"??
i wonder if we have to teach people to witness because they haven't really seen - or perceived - or maybe even really believe...
i find it amazing how many in our churches have to be poked, prodded and or threatened with guilt in order to see any spiritual movement at all - 


Robbie said...

I miss Monday nights too. It feels like it has been so long and the closest I can get is the blog. I need some way to talk and not just type! (Even if I never really talked that much in the first place)

scott said...

I have learned that my productivity at work on Tuesday is inversely proportional to how late we stay at Starbucks on Monday. We were there until 2 this week, and needless to say, I didn't accomplish much at work the next day.

You are missed, Darin. (And you too, Rob!)

I think we have to teach people how to witness for the same reason we have to TELL people to witness -- a lot of us just don't really want to do it. A lot of it goes back to Macca's post. Our culture has a very negative perception of God and Christianity. It's not that most people around us haven't heard of Jesus or God -- nearly everyone has, and they've already got an image formed in their minds of what "religion" is. Sure, it's up to us to change that image, but it's not easy. The perception is there in the first place because a whole lot of people seem to be "witnessing" quite badly!

Plus, in their teaching, a good many leaders seem to blur the lines between "witnessing" and "inviting people to church." But of course we've discussed that before. :-)

Joe B said...

"For you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a nation set apart, a people specially comissioned to demonstrate the awesomeness of the God who called us out of darkness to live in his glorious light." [1 Pe 2:9]

A zillion christians do not know God because they have learned of him thru churches and leaders who do not know him. The institutional incest is so profound, we cannot tell the Bride from the Whore.

What do we expect? Really?