Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"I'm Catholic, staunchly anti-abortion, and support Obama"

As election-time looms nearer, I thought I'd revive some of our earlier political discussions. Here's an article from the National Catholic Reporter -- can an anti-abortion Christian support Obama over McCain?

"I'm Catholic, staunchly anti-abortion, and support Obama"

What do you think?

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Joe B said...

Hmmm. I agree with his point that there is more than one issue in play, though he never explained why those other issues (exc. Iraq invasion) tilted him toward Obama.

I think that using the caluculus of "how many net babies are aborted" evades the point of our resonsibility in selecting leaders. (He does not apply that reasoning to the war, we notice.) It is an excuse.

He might be able to make a valid argument for what he wants to believe, but he has not done it in this article.

But all in all, I am not concerned about an Obama presidency. If he were up by 40% in the polls I would worry, but dudes, this is America. A president has to work with the party, the congress, and the public.