Thursday, January 15, 2009

David versus...Driscoll?

Speaking of Pastor Driscoll, check this out. I don't think I would have posted this article if not for a lunch meeting I had with a certain prominent person who ended his association with Mr Driscoll. The article explains it in just the same way as that fellow did. My thanks to old buddy Brian Daugherty for the link! My point in posting this is not that M Driscol is evil. I still love his message and style. Rather it has to do with the corrosion of basic Christianity when it gets infected by fame and BIGNESS.

I once had a friend who worked under a very famous mega-church pastor in the 1980's. That is, until he refused to put the good pastor's socks and shoes on him (which all the rest of the staff dutifully did each Sunday. Seems he was just too busy to bother with dressing himself for church. What with all that praying and all.) About a week later her was "exposed" in a sexual scandal that ended his ministry. Now he writes and lectures other ministers, men who have not disgraced their office, who line up to hear how and why they should keep their britches pulled up.

Sometimes I think they're all speaking Klingon. A normal person should not understand this stuff.

Oh, by the way. Please, never let me pose for a picture that has me sitting all cool as the gatekeeper at heaven's stairway. Please, oh please...


scott said...

I used to feel the need to be a defender of BIG when it comes to churchianity. Now I think I agree that the infection of BIGNESS seems to, much too often, correlate with the corrosion you speak of. Sure, most of what I hear is stories like what you write here, so it's not easy to measure.

But the stories are prevalent, and they are CRAZY. "Church" is such BIG business these days, in terms of power, fame, money... all the stuff that is, well, not of God.

Maybe we need to get smaller and smaller... until we take over the world. Ooh, that's catchy, someone should write that down.

Joe B said...

Rat's, I think it's already taken. Maybe we could pervert it somehow and then take credit for it??

void77 said...

I thought Driscoll was John the Baptist reincarnate? What's with all the Markey-D hate lately??

Joe B said...

It's the first I'd ever heard. Except for the guy who declined to participate further. I wouldn't be surprised if the NYT article unleashed some pent up concerns