Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hagee Clip. Huh?

I found this on a site quaintly called "Hard-Preaching-Dot-Com", on the "Heresy" tab. What do you make of it? What's the point he's trying to make? What could he possibly mean that "Jesus did not come to be the messiah"? I wonder how he explains why Jesus' disciples refer to him as "the christ" some 515 times?


Scott said...

I figure the point he was trying to make was what you mentioned in the next post -- he who is the most controversial will get the most notice. He who gets the most notice will sell plenty of books.

Since the advent of the Internet age, there are pockets of people that will support virtually ANY theory or idea. And in the last 10 years I have heard more of a push on the old idea that Jesus was just a great normal guy that was turned into "God's son" later on by the "institution." Shoot, just read a Dan Brown novel, or any of his source material.

Joe B said...

That's what orthodoxy gets for presenting the real life guy in sandals Jesus as being nothing more than a church statue come to life.