Thursday, June 7, 2007

Rob Bell Interview

Velvet Elvis guys - this was an interesting interview I thought


scott said...

Ah, there is way too much good stuff in this interview to talk about here.

"Doubt Night" - We want to do this for one of our Experiential Worship nights. I think this would be great.

A lot of Christian preaching isn't really seriously about story. I don't want to conquer mystery. I want to celebrate it. And in the modern era we have "Seven Steps to Prayer," "Four Steps to Financial—whatever.'' Those all, I assume, have their place.

But what often happens is God gets shrunk down in the process. In the effort to boil things down, God gets boiled down. And there have to be spaces where mystery is simply celebrated.

I agree with what he says about preaching style, but it also goes back to what we discussed about mystery vs. understanding. I'm all for celebrating the mystery of God, assuming it doesn't mean that we just stop trying to better understand him.

There are thousands and thousands of pages of ancient writings that Christians are oblivious to... Jesus was a Jewish rabbi who lived in a Jewish way in a Jewish time, and we have lot of information about what that world was like.

Hence the "learning about Judaism" kick I've been on for the past year or so. I'm somehow trying to read NT Wright and another Rob Bell book at the same time, and it's making them both rather slow-going. I wish I had as much time (or desire) to read as I used to in my younger days.

And my personal favorite...

I preached that sermon one time at Willow Creek and the goat pooped right on the stage. A great moment in that fine church's history.

That would have been classic.

Vic said...

Rob's words about coming to a Jewish understanding of the Bible changed the way I view Christianity. Great interview.