Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Great Article Defining "Emergent"

This is bodaciously long, but it is wonderfully wise. Must have been hard work. You guys might recognize the author, Michael Patton. He's the poor soul I raked over the coals for saying "God is mainly interested in the doctrine you believe, not in what you do." Well, I'm tippin' my hat to him today. Go read Will the Real Emerger Please Stand Up?


Joe B said...

Okay, I'll comment first: Look at the graph...notice anything? Apparently it's impossible to be a fundamentalist and fall outside the "Orthodoxy Zone".


Scott said...

Actually, in the graph, doesn't half of the Fundamentalist curve fall outside of Orthodoxy, just like half of Emerging/Emergent?

Unless you meant that it's impossible to be an Evangelical and fall outside the Orthodoxy Zone, which the graph seems to indicate.

Evangelicalism: Right and good.
Fundamentalism: Kind of wacky in one direction.
Emergent: Kind of wacky in the other direction.

It's just so simple!

Joe B said...

He just doesn't name any fndamentalists outside the curve. You nailed me, right here on Blogger! OUCH!

Anders Branderud said...

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